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Project Title:

AccessPoint deployment (APSMP) and background integration module implementation (BIM)


The objective of the project is to deploy and operate an Access Point (AS4) and Service Metadata Publisher. In addition, the action will upgrade the existing national eDelivery solution VEP.SI by developing a Background Integration Module to facilitate access to the newly deployed infrastructure by existing users, while still using their own well-known environment, with the same user interfaces and client software.
The consortium includes eDelivery service provider and user groups who already use eDelivery on the national level: Slovenian Chamber of Notaries and Slovenian Bar Association, along with the health insurance company Vzajemna Zdravstvena Zavarovalnica and energy utility company Petrol. Sectors of health and energy are crucial for the adoption of the eDelivery and therefore make our partners Vzajemna and Petrol also key beneficiaries.
This action will support the cross-border exchange of electronic documents between both public and private sectors, as well as between such entities and citizens and businesses.


The project scope is decomposed into 4 activities converging to achieve the project objective.
1.Set-up of the Access Point (AP) and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP)
2.Background Integration Module (BIM) development
3.AS4 and SMP Operations and maintenance
4.Training and promotion
Through achieving 9 milestones the project team will deliver intermediary reports in order to validate that the project is on course to successfully execute the project scope.


Project start 15 May 2017

Project end 10 December 2018

Duration 19 months

Project Team

EIUS is the leading company in Slovenia providing secure digital mailing service that enables secure, reliable and economically competitive delivery of confidential content.
While the digitalisation of mailing services supports internal company business operations, our services provide secure, classified and trackable exchange of messages with external entities.  
We support business, juridical and governmental administrative mail and offer to our clients a comprehensive support in services of digital trust, e-sodstva (Slovenian electronic justice portal) and e-uprave (Slovenian electronic public administration portal).
Our business solutions support all mayor operating systems such as Linux, OSX and Windows. We develop secure and user friendly solutions and services that are founded upon electronic identities and qualified digital certificates used for digital signatures and seals/stamps.
We are holder of the EU trust mark, which guarantees that we and our electronic services are trustworthy, qualified, and compliant according to the provisions of the eIDAS regulation, thus providing the high quality of services across all European Union.
Contact details:
eIUS svetovanje, komunikacije in informatika d.o.o. (eIUS d.o.o.)
Vrtna ulica 22
1000 Ljubljana
VAT SI41887204

Project Beneficiaries

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Project “AccessPoint deployment (APSMP) and background integration module implementation (BIM)” is co-financed by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility

Action No. 2016-SI-IA-0061

Agreement No. INEA/CEF/ICT/A2016/1292039