Electronic forms

VEP.SI forms are a service intended for the submission of forms that require mutual trust and a handwritten signature.

With the service, we simplify the processes from filling to storage. You can fill in, send and save electronic forms and, most importantly, sign with a signature that is equivalent to a handwritten one.

The process is fast and simple and meets the high level of trust required by the eIDAS regulation.

Form examples

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Applications, orders

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Project proposals

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Custom forms

How does it work

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1. Form creation

  • We convert your template into an e-form, publish it and provide you with a link.
  • The use of already prepared standard forms (forms that are the same for a large number of e-form subscribers and simpler forms – for example, applications for municipalities, declarations of accession) is free of charge.
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2. Filling out the form

  • Your user accesses the link, fills out the form, signs it electronically and submits it.
  • With submission, we open a temporary secure electronic mailbox (VEP) for the user, where they receive their copy of the form and confirmation of submission. They can use the mailbox for future correspondence.
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3. Receipt of form

  • After submission, the electronically signed and time-stamped form is waiting for you in your secure electronic inbox in pdf and XML format.
  • A two-sided signature and delivery to the sender are also possible.

F. A. Q.

The service is intended for anyone who wants to digitize any document that has fields that need to be filled in and needs a user’s signature (e.g. an order). The service is generally intended for organizations that want to do business electronically with their external partners in a reliable and secure way.

The e-form service is intended for areas where a high level of security is required, both in terms of protecting the content and the identity of the participants. Signing of submitted forms and attachments is done in a way that ensures the equivalence of an e-signature with a handwritten signature.

Yes, forms completed, signed and sent in this way have the same legal effect as those sent by regular paper mail. Access to the service and signature is based on a qualified e-signature certificate from qualified trust service providers in the EU, which you can check at the link.

The identity and validity of electronic signatures and stamps are verified by a qualified electronic signature and stamp verification trust service.

To create forms, you need a secure electronic mailbox (VEP) and a qualified electronic signature certificate. If you do not have a VEP account yet, it will be created automatically upon ordering.

The price and deadline for producing an individual form depends on the complexity. We offer standard pre-prepared forms free of charge, the production of dedicated forms is billed according to the price list. Usage is calculated annually depending on the number of applications received.

The user who submitted the form receives a copy of the completed form and an electronically signed confirmation of submission in their secure electronic mailbox. A temporary secure electronic mailbox (VEP) is created for the user who does not have a secure electronic mailbox, where they will later receive a possible response to the application. The issuer of the form also receives the content in their secure electronic mailbox.

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